Roof Damage Can Be Expensive If Ignored

Inspect your Roof Regularly

The first point of protection for your house is the roof. It needs to withstand every type of weather condition all year round.

When a roof begins to deteriorate it sometimes isn’t obvious, but roofing issues can soon become major, causing damage to the property as well as your possessions.

In the UK the most popular roofing materials are slate and cement tiles.

Minor roof damage can soon start to cost a lot of money if left un-repaired. Maintenance is essential to keep your costs down.

Missing or broken ridge tiles can soon cause expensive issues

A house roof protects you from the worst of the weather, heat as well as cold, wildlife and plant growth. All these things can damage it over time.

Differing weather patterns put your roof under a lot of stresses.

Over time slates and tiles can crack and slip due to the expansion and contraction a roof goes through during the changing seasons.

Roof tiles, ridges, cement work, chimneys etc. can also be damaged by birds and wildlife.

For many homeowners, the first time they realize anything is wrong with their roof is when a loose slate is blown off the roof in windy conditions, or when wet patches are spotted on upstairs ceilings.

In windy conditions, just a single missing tile or slate can allow in enough wind to lift your whole roof into the street below causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Once the flashing around chimneys and brickwork starts to allow moisture in, it will soon begin to breakdown as frosts and rain will crack the cement until it crumbles.

Other roof  damage related problems usually involve either guttering or fascias. Wooden fascias can soon rot if exposed for too long to the elements, and that rot can quickly spread to the roof trusses causing an expensive problem.

Because we generally don’t go near our roofs, we tend to take them for granted until they cause a problem. Quite often a little roof maintenance Bedfordshire would have prevented a large repair bill or insurance claim.

Your home is an investment and keeping it in good condition is just good economic sense. A stitch in time frequently saves nine, and the same goes for your roof.

An annual inspection provides piece of mind and will allow your roof to easily withstand the worst of our winter weather in the years to come. Using hig reach equipment to gain access at roof height from companies can also save time and money.

Knowing that your roof is secure and watertight will give you piece of mind, knowing that your home is safe from the worst the weather can throw at you.